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I came to Blake with sciatic pain that I’ve been dealing with for 5 years. I’ve never gone a day without feeling pain in those 5 years. I had around 4/5 session with Blake where he dry needled me and gave me exercises to do. The first couple weeks I was skeptical, but after the 3rd and 4th visit, I was a believer. I haven’t had pain 2 weeks, praise God! I am now able to workout pain free as well as not be in pain days after I workout! I can’t thank Blake enough for helping me out, I was losing hope that I would ever be pain free.

Madison Meyer

I have been dealing with severe hip pain and pinching whenever I squat, sleep, or sit for extended periods of time. After a significant time dealing with this, I sought out Blake for help! Blake did a detailed assessment of me and my movement, and went through an introduction into what the next couple of weeks would look like with him as my physical therapist. Every appointment, the programming was spectacular. Blake takes the time to instruct you through each movement, and also explains why each movement is vital to your plan back to health. In just 6 short weeks with Blake as my PT, I am pain free! I highly recommend Volunteer Physical Therapy and Performance!

Addy Cahill

Blake did a phenomenal job! I came in with some knee and hip pain and after just a few sessions with Blake I was feeling great and continue to have zero pain! Thanks for all you do Blake! I highly recommend!

Trevor Haggard

I am a college football player who has been a frequent patient at Volunteer PTP. I originally went to Volunteer PTP for a back issue. Within a couple of visits, it was completely healed. Blake Huddleston also showed me a few exercises I can use to on my own. During spring practice, I had a MCL injury. I just finished my 6 visit plan this summer and now I am ready to get back at football. I have had only good experiences with Volunteer PTP.

Joshua Booker

Volunteer Physical Therapy + Performance is in a great location with access to all the equipment I need and more to aid my recovery. Blake has been extremely knowledgable and helpful when it has come to dealing with my back injury. As a Division I rower, having an injury is extremely frustrating but I look forward to working with Blake each week. He has my best interest in mind and is simply fun to be around which makes physical therapy even more enjoyable! I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone in the active population who wants to go back to being themselves again pain-free!

Cameron Boyd

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Willie Dennis

I had a great experience with Mr Huddleston. He was professional, offered advice, and was flexible with appointments when my schedule changed. Thanks again Blake! 

Michelle Basham

Blake is amazing!!! He fixed my daughters shoulder without surgery & was able to strengthen it in the process from a swim injury! He also keeps me moving!!