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We are dedicated to building strong relationships with each athlete to ensure their rehabilitation and health needs are met with confidence and care. Come see why so many trust us with their journey to recovery.


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We offer a personalized approach, tailoring our protocols and exercises to suit your unique needs. With us, you’ll maximize your time and get the most out of your experience. Let’s work together to achieve your goals!


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Ready to achieve your health goals without sacrificing your free time? Our expert physical therapist is here to help with a personalized game plan just for you.  Don’t waste any more time.

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Performance Therapy

Say goodbye to pain without surgery or medication! Our non-invasive and manual therapy solutions, paired with corrective exercises.  Experience personalized attention through one-on-one sessions that are tailored specifically to your needs.  We are here to help relieve your aches for good. We prioritize keeping you active and preventing future injuries, so you can enjoy life to the fullest!


Pelvic floor physical therapy is an important but often overlooked aspect of injury prevention and rehabilitation for athletes. Weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to issues like incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse and may increase the risk of groin or hip injuries. Our physical therapist specializes in targeted exercises that improve pelvic floor muscle awareness and control that can enhance an athlete’s performance and allow them to train and compete with more confidence and less risk of debilitating pain or injury.


Get back to your best with our recovery services! Our range of techniques, including soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, cupping, and scraping aim to get you moving comfortably again and improve your overall mobility.


Looking for flexible programming options out of town or on the go? Our remote programming is the answer!  Whether you’re an athlete, a newbie, or in need of rehabilitation, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter rehab plans and hello to personalized programming.


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At Volunteer Physical Therapy and Performance, our team is dedicated to keeping you in the gym, on the field, off the sidelines. To get started, we invite you to a FREE CONSULT CALL to determine if our clinic is the best fit for you.


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At Volunteer Physical Therapy, a Doctor of Physical Therapy will dedicate an hour to your treatment, without handing you off to an untrained technician. This focused attention leads to quicker results. We will equip you with the expertise and abilities to remain pain-free for as long as possible. Our athletic Doctors will never tell you to stop or slow down; instead, we’ll help you find a way to stay active.

No, a referral is not required to receive treatment at Volunteer Physical Therapy in the state of Tennessee.

At Volunteer Physical Therapy, your treatment sessions will be tailored to your specific goals. During your initial evaluation, our doctors will diagnose your condition, create a personalized plan of care, and begin treatment. Our treatment approach does not involve monotonous or ineffective exercises. Instead, we utilize barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and various manual therapy techniques to help you recover as quickly as possible. Additionally, we have a track record of helping our patients achieve new personal records during their treatment plan.

Volunteer Physical Therapy is an out of network provider.  This means that we are not directly contracted with insurance companies.  However, depending on your plan you can receive partial to full reimbursement utilizing a SuperBill to submit to your insurance for out of network benefits.