Physical Therapy/Rehab

Physical Therapy/Rehab

Physical Therapy/Rehab Specialists in Middle Tennessee

At Volunteer Physical therapy + performance, we believe in supporting your healing journey by providing you with all the information and tools you require to get back to your full life. From your initial assessment to the last appointment and beyond, we aim to help you reach your health goals in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Through our research-driven treatments, you will get the mobility, strength, and confidence to get back to what you love doing. Whether you are recovering from a recent surgical procedure or want to ease pain, our physical therapists are ready to help. Our licensed, certified, and experienced Middle Tennessee physical therapists are committed to helping you get back to a pain-free life.  As mobility experts, our therapists can restore movement or function lost due to a variety of conditions.


With all the time and hard work that goes into physical therapy sessions, it is crucial to track the results of your treatment.  That’s why our physical therapists will always perform a comprehensive examination, to qualify and quantify all the physical issues noted. At the end of each therapy session, we will review and highlight progress made from the last session. Besides improving physical outcomes achieved, tracking your progression also helps you to feel satisfied with our physical therapy sessions.

 Not sure where to find the best physical therapist in Middle Tennessee? Choose Volunteer Physical Therapy + Performance to bid goodbye to that chronic back or pain, discomfort, and go back to your favorite activities today. Our occupational and physical therapists will develop a rehabilitation plan suited to fit you and your needs. 

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