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About Us

Who we are

Active recovery for your active life.

Volunteer Physical Therapy + Performance provides performance therapy services  conveniently located in Murfreesboro, TN. We are committed to offering optimal quality, clinically-superior rehabilitation in a caring and professional manner to help our clients get back to their active lifestyles as safely and quickly as possible. We achieve this by giving you personalized, 1-on-1 attention while offering comprehensive, exceptional performance therapy services.

We are highly trained and dedicated therapists, that have the time to listen to and work as a team with our clients, to help them function at their highest level of independence and achieve optimal performance.  We provide a professional, warm environment that expedites and fosters your healing process.  Here are some of the reasons why athletes and active individuals choose us over other physical therapists in Middle Tennessee, TN…

01. Personalized Treatment Plan

We understand that not all clients are created equal, and their rehab plan shouldn't be either. We take an individualized approach to each plan of care that is customized to the client standing in front of us. No cookie-cutter programs, no other clients working at the same time as you, and no wasting your time.

02.Highly Trained and Experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy

Volunteer Physical Therapy + Performance is spearheaded by Dr. Blake Huddleston, a licensed, highly trained Doctor of Physical Therapy, who specializes in working with athletes and the active population to give them unrivaled care and exceptional outcomes.

03. State-of-the-art Facility

Our facility has it all - conveniently located inside a sports performance facility, we provide the best equipment that will allow us to accelerate your recovery and get you back to 100% performance.

About Dr. Blake Huddleston

Dr. Blake is the owner and lead physical therapist of Volunteer Physical Therapy + Performance in Middle Tennessee, TN. Over the years, he has offered sports and performance rehabilitation to athletes of all ages. He can evaluate and treat people with health issues resulting from sports injuries or other activity related issues. Dr. Blake takes pride in offering all his clients an unrivaled healthcare experience that they cannot find anywhere else in Middle TN. He is consistently researching the latest equipment, techniques, and training methods to improve the services offered at Volunteer Physical Therapy + Performance.

Dr. Blake Huddleston